Friday, May 31, 2013

Life: 2013 Style

This blog has gone through many incarnations and has had many posts written and deleted.
Back in 2010 when I made this blog my bio read something along the lines of:

"I am a single girl in my early 20's, enjoying life, partying with my friends, working in childcare and looking desperately seeking Mr Right"

But 2010 was a shitty asskick of a year for me - it felt like everyone was dying, from grandparents, relatives, old school friends, to my dog and I abandoned the whole blogging idea.
Then at the end of 2010 I met a person who changed my life and changed my job to boot and suddenly my bio read:

"I'm your average 20-something girl, dealing with new love and shaking up my professional career"

But I was too busy to blog in 2011 - my new job turned out to be total crap. I was madly in love and every second I didnt spend at work was spent with my new boyfriend Mark. 7 months into the relationship we were moving in together and dealing with the combining of two lives.

We celebrated a year together (officially together anyway) in February of 2012 and just after Easter, life changed forever. Despite my supposed infertility, despite the fact that we were using protection, there I was with a positive pregnancy test in my hands. It was a huge test of our relationship - to begin with Mark wasn't happy especially when I became so sick - which I will elaborate on in great detail in this blog. The bio of my life changed and new things defined me:

"I am a mid 20's women in a committed relationship, dealing with unexpected pregnancy after infertility and the devastating affects of Hyperemesis Gravidarum"

I was sick and bedridden. I couldnt work. We couldnt keep up the rent and shifted our house full of stuff to two rooms at my parents house. We got engaged. My medical problems continued, seeing me in and out of hospital till on November 23rd 2013 our darling daughter Ella Quinn was born.
So my life in 2013 is a different bio altogether: Fiancee. Mother. Dealing with the ins and outs of sleep deprivation, social isolation, lost friendships. Just life.

While I was sick, I blogged.........sort of. I made Vlogs on my Youtube channel about my pregnancy progress and I diarised a lot of my thoughts directly at my daughter in a word document which I'm in the process of reading through for sections to share. More for education, for an insight into the crazy effects of some of the conditions I suffered and things I went through.
So lets go....lets see if I can stick to this.

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