Friday, May 31, 2013

Pregnancy Thoughts - August 2012

Good morning, my beautiful daughter. You are 25 weeks old today.
It’s 8.35am and I love mornings like this. You’re most active at night so I get to play with you then and you do make little movements every so often throughout the day – mostly when I eat something or need to pee. But usually by the time I wake up you’re fast asleep, exhausted from your nights efforts. This morning you were still awake when I woke up and I got to feel you jumping around in there. These are my favourite mornings, lying silently in the dark with my hands on my tummy, feeling you move through my hands and marveling at what a miracle it is – what a miracle YOU are. We’ve been through a lot throughout this pregnancy and yet there you are, perfect and beautiful. I’m so proud of you.
When you first started moving they were like tiny little taps, bubbles of gas right down in the very bottom of my stomach and I had to press down hard and concentrate to feel them from the outside. If I was lying on my side I could only feel you right down the bottom where my body was flat against the mattress. But your movements get more varied by the day – I feel you up by my belly button a lot now and if I’m on my left side I can feel you kick up my by right hip because you’re big enough to reach up there. They aren’t flutters now, or bubbles. I feel you moving around busily and sometimes I feel you totally flip – it’s the strangest feeling. Your Aunty Kate was a bit like you when she was in Nana’s tummy – always moving and flipping – and I think Daddy is a bit nervous you will be hyper like her in real life. We don’t care though, we love you so much already (my eyes are welling up with tears as I write this). This morning my pregnancy update said ‘Before you know it your little monkey will be snuggled in your arms’. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, kiss your head and tell you over and over how much I love you. But not too soon little monkey! You stay till you’re big and healthy and strong.
Love, Mama.


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