Friday, May 31, 2013

Pregnancy Thoughts: July 2012

Yesterday was a BIG day for all of us, little one!
I could hardly sleep all night and woke up so excited and nervous. We went to our ultrasound and sat outside waiting to be called in. I turned to Daddy and asked him what he thought you were. He said girl, I said boy but as soon as she started up the ultrasound I changed my mind. I was relieved to see your little heart beating as the ultrasound lady started doing measurements of all your important parts – your brain, your heart, your spine. You stuck your arms up in front of your face when she was trying to check out your nose and lips lol. You kept flipping around and moving, making it very hard for the lady to check your measurements. One of the cutest moments was when the lady went to look at your hands and you were giving up the thumbs up! I felt like you were telling me ‘Stop worrying Mummy, I’m okay!”.  We saw your darling little feet, your arms, legs – the lady said you were perfect, everything looked wonderful. Then she started trying to look and see if you were a little girl or a little boy: You were hiding under Mummy’s belly button so she had to do lots of digging around. After a LONG LONG time the lady turned.
“I’m pretty sure it’s a little GIRL!” She said she’s usually 100% positive but because you weren’t co-operating her view wasn’t clear as it should be. Then she showed us and we were convinced. You were our little girl – Our Ella.
Mummy and Daddy went shopping and bought you some pretty clothes. Then we went home and I finished preparing the cards for the big dinner with the grandparents. It was so fun when all the grandparents opened their cards – they were so excited to be able to put a name to your beautiful face and after we all had dinner together we got to watch the DVD of your scan. It was a wonderful day.
Daddy and I couldn’t stop saying to each other “We’re going to have a little girl!” It really didn’t matter either way: we would have loved you, our baby, whoever you were. But it turns out we are going to have a daughter and I couldn’t be happier.
I love you little Ella

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