Friday, May 31, 2013

Pregnancy Thoughts: May 2012

Drama, drama, drama. So much has happened love, I can hardly think of where to start. Let’s try Monday night. I had called in sick to work for Friday and Monday because I felt terrible and then Monday night after dinner I was being sick (as usual) when I saw something was very wrong – there was blood in my vomit. We headed to the hospital and spent five hours there. I got an IV bag of fluids and was feeling a bit better so I got to go home.
I relaxed at home for a few days and then had to go back to work on Friday. That day at work destroyed me – I was so sick and sad when I got home I just cried and cried. Daddy didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t kept any food or water down all day and I just wanted to die. Next morning I woke up and I knew I wasn’t in good condition. We headed back to the hospital and before long I was vomiting blood again and back on an IV. After hours and hours they admitted me to hospital and I spent a long, awful night being poked and prodded and pumped with fluids.
I got to go home the next day with a big regime of tablets to take for nausea, for vitamins, for sleeping, for reflux. I’m still feeling guilty about taking the tablets but I know if I don’t keep me healthy, I can’t keep you healthy. So for better or worse, that’s what I’m trying to do.

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